9 L Ochag, Uchag for kazan 9L. for cooking Uzbek pilaf (Plov).Очаг для казана на 9л. Dimensions: D:41cm, H:38cm. Length 52.5cm. Thickness: 2mm.


Uchag is designed for cooking in a cauldron and in a camping cauldron.

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                The product is a metal cylinder-case, which includes removable legs, a door, an ash drawer and a poker.
The ash box allows you to vary the amount and distribution of combustion air in the furnace space, achieving the most efficient operation of the hearth. Also, the ash box serves as a container for the accumulation and convenient removal of ash from the ash inlet of the hearth.
Due to the optimal wall thickness (2 mm), the possibility of deformation of the product walls is excluded.
The uchag is convenient for transportation, stable in operation, and easy to disassemble.

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Weight 20.7 kg
Dimensions 57.0 × 57.0 × 60.0 cm