(7 L) Ochag (Uchag) for kazan 7L, Open fire cooking stove, Очаг для казана


Очаг для казана 7л для небольшой компании.                                                                     В собраном виде  высота 56 см

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Wall thickness  is 2 mm.        Assembled heigh for Ochag : 56 cm

With such a thick wall, Uchag serves a long time!   For those who like to cook outdoors, and even more so in a cauldron, Uchag (Ochag) – a thing absolutely necessary. Uchag (Ochag) for cauldron – a furnace that is used for cooking various dishes in a cauldron. Kazan is lowered into the furnace, holding its edge with their ears. Uchag  made in Russia pleasant and professional, for whom cooking – it is work, and lovers who prepare pilaf on picnics and outings into the countryside. If you have the kettle and Uchag, – just  only find firewood to cook a real Uzbek pilaf, Shurpa, Lagman and other delicious, flavorful dishes that are not quite seem to get those not.
Uchag to believe – it is well made, quality product that will last for many years and will enjoy the tasty food, cooked over a fire. They are very convenient to use. The thick steel walls are not deformed by the heat of firewood and coal. Design A stable, quick to assemble and disassemble, easy to install on removable legs. It is possible to take a trip.
But that’s only half the story. Uchag proved to significantly saves wood and promotes uniform distribution of heat. Cooking with it easier, and cheaper than an open fire.
We offer several models designed to sound different capacity from 7 L to 28 liters. They are all made in full compliance with the technology and will be a great help to any cook. Uchag for cauldron made in Russia – a fail safe assistant, which will prepare food just great outdoors!

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Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 45.0 × 45.0 × 45.0 cm