(9 L) Ochag, Uchag for kazan 9-12L for pilaf (Plov),Очаг (Учаг) Печка для казанана 9-12л. Dimensions: D:39.5cm, H:37.5cm. Thickness: 2mm*


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  Assembled height: 63 cm.  Ochag is very convenient for cooking Uzbek plov, also for cooking meat, soup, and many Healthy dishes in nature or in your backyard. This is a very handy oven with a Wall thickness of Uchag 2mm,  With such a thick wall, Uchag has been serving with pleasure for a long time. For those who like to cook pilaf and other dishes on nature and the house needs a real cauldron. We offer very good quality, Kazan, for pilaf and Ochag  (furnaces cauldron).

Toronto. Kalyna store is an official distributor in Canada – Kazan for pilaf, Pechka – Uchag for a cauldron brand Kukmara, Russia

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