size:27rus (41-42). Terry socks made from Camel wool and Copper thread.


Such unique socks have many advantages.
Composition: Camel’s wool – 75%;  Copper thread – 15%;  Lycra – 10%;

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Tired of the unpleasant smell of your feet? The legs “want” the heat and “do not want to” sweat? Terry socks made of camel wool with a copper thread – the best solution to these problems! The unique technology of joining copper strands and camel wool gives socks the necessary elasticity and extensibility, provides reliable foot protection against all unpleasant effects, preserves the warmth, comfort, and coolness needed depending on the season.
• Infrequent washing
• High wear resistance
• Copper yarn is distributed over the entire surface of the product
• Creating an antibacterial environment

 Camel’s wool has a good warming effect, thanks to which the vessels expand, blood micro-circulation improves, metabolism is activated, regenerative processes in tissues are reinforced.

Copper thread in the sock
• destroys and inhibits the infectious effect of the main types of fungi and bacteria, promotes the healing of ulcers, suppuration, eczema, and dermatitis;
• eliminates the unpleasant odor of feet, sweating, peeling;
• eliminates swelling of the legs, normalizes blood circulation in the lower limbs;
• improves the functional state of the skin of the legs.

Socks are recommended in the following situations:
• fungal lesions of feet, trophic ulcers, cracks, eczema, diabetes;
• an unpleasant smell of feet;
• a recovery period after injuries;
• active lifestyle, or vice versa, low mobility.

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