size:6-7. Unique Camel Wool Socks made with double thread for Men and Women.*


Camel wool is often used in the treatment of neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatic pain. We sell these Natural things very quickly, so ask the assistant for availability and your size. Ph: 905-482-3382

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Socks made of pure camel’s hair.

Camel wool socks are unique socks. Socks are tied with a more dense interlacing of camel yarn, have reinforced toe and heel, have an increased heat-warming and preventive effect. Their use:

• relieves fatigue and pain in the legs;
• improves blood circulation in the lower limbs;
• provides prevention of colds;
• Massage the acupuncture points of the foot;
• promotes the healing of wounds and cracks on the feet;
• Provides prevention of fungal diseases of the legs.
Camel wool has many features that distinguish it from other types of wool and give it truly unique healing properties. It is more than twice lighter than sheep and, in addition, much stronger. The hair of camel hair is hollow, which provides it with additional heat-insulating properties and lightness. Due to a certain habitat, biologically active substances (BAS) accumulate in the camel’s wool, which have a beneficial effect on human health. Also, wool is able to neutralize negative electrical charges, which helps to relieve pain, nervous tension, normalizes the tone of the whole body. Its use increases the therapeutic effect of any method of treatment.

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