(28)Uchag, Ochag for kazan 28L Utschak Очаг для казана Open fire stove. D:59 cm, H:41 cm.Thickness: 2 mm.


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Dimension: 59 by 59 by 41 cm.  Assembled height: 63cm.

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If you need 28 liters, then For your convenience, you can leave your phone number and when we receive a new arrival, we will call you.   Ths is very handy oven with  Wall thickness of Uchag 2mm
With such a thick wall, Uchag has been serving with pleasure for a long time. Ochag for kazan, Utschak Halterung für kasan, Очаг для казана 28л

Kasan Tatarskij  for Ochag, Campingtopf Gulaschkessel, Asia Wok, Bräter Kazan Schmortopf

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Dimensions 65.0 × 65.0 × 60.0 cm