size:26 x 6 x 22cm.Marble High quality Frypan with removable handle and with glass lid.


In Marble coating fry pan food does not stick, slips on a frying pan, you can cook without oil. It is especially good to fry fish, it does not fall apart, does not stick to the bottom of the frying pan.

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The Kumara pan is made of cast aluminum and coated with a new generation of innovative non-stick marble-based water-based coating reinforced with superhard mineral particles.
Features of the pan “Kukmara”:
a significant thickness of the walls and bottom eliminates the deformation of the pan body, guarantees its durability, provides the necessary coating strength;
high strength non-stick water-based marble coating reinforced with superhard particles of minerals;
environmentally friendly non-stick coating without PFOA;
perfect heat distribution over the entire surface of the dishes, long-term heat storage;
the ability to use a minimum amount of fat;
comfortable non-heating handle with soft-touch effect;
non-stick marble coating is applied by spraying, which guarantees exceptional durability of the coating during operation;
minor scratches and slight abrasions on the surface of the pan do not affect the properties of the non-stick coating and the durability of the dishes;
products do not stick and retain their taste;
the ability to prepare tasty and healthy food without adding oil, as on hot stones;  thickened bottom up to 6 mm;  high thermal conductivity and ergonomics;  ease of washing;  suitable for all types of stoves except induction;  Can be washed in the dishwasher. The wall of the pan consists of 6 layers:  internal coating “marble”; water-based, high-strength non-stick coating reinforced with superhard mineral particles; reinforced soil layer;
a layer with a rough surface for better adhesion of the coating;
die-cast aluminum case up to 6 mm thick;

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Weight 2.900 kg
Dimensions 45.0 × 45.0 × 20.0 cm