Stewpan 30/8.5cm with removable handles, with glass lid, with non-stick coating (coffee marble),No- PFOA (TEFLON).


 Отсутствие PFOA ( тефлон) делает посуду экологически безопасной.

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An innovative non-stick marble coating designed to meet the highest European safety and environmental standards. The coating is formulated with rock particles that provide exceptional strength and hardness. The innovative design will appeal to everyone.
cast thick-walled hand-cast dishes;
cookware with a new generation 5-layer non-stick marble coating, reinforced with ceramic mineral particles;
high wear resistance;
the ability to cook tasty and healthy food without adding oil, as on hot stones;
food does not burn, dishes are easy to clean;
the significant thickness of the walls and bottom eliminates the deformation of the product case, guarantees the durability of the dishes, and provides the necessary strength of the coating.
New line “Marble” cookware with a 5-layer non-stick coating of a new generation, reinforced with mineral ceramic particles, by “Weilburger Coatings GmbH” (Germany)

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Weight 3.200 kg
Dimensions 45.0 × 45.0 × 25.0 cm