2L Marble line non-stick Kazan for pilaf(plov) “Coffee” with glass lid. Dimensions:(H14 xD27cm) Bottom D:16cm.


Very Popular, Harmless cookware with the Marble line, Long service life. 100% of the buyers are satisfied.

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The Marble line has the following advantages:
Non-stick coating, from 4.5 to 6 mm thick, similar in resistance to natural stone: It allows intensive use of products for every day due to the presence of superhard minerals in the coating composition;
promotes the preparation of tasty and healthy food without adding oil;
provides ease of wash.  Kazan with The marble line excludes the deformation of dishes during operation and long service life; promotes perfect heat distribution over the entire surface of the dishes.  

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Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 40.0 × 20.0 × 40.0 cm