D:20*20*05cm Adapter for induction oven.


Adapter selection An important parameter when buying an adapter for induction cookers is its diameter. The diameter of the dishes used will also depend on this indicator: 12-14 cm in diameter is an adapter for a turkey and a coffee maker; 14 cm – for dishes with a bottom with a diameter of 13-17 cm; 22 cm – for dishes with a bottom 18-26 cm 

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Not all cookware is suitable for use on an induction hob. Some materials are simply incompatible with such a hob, but this does not mean that now you need to give up your favorite pots and pans. It is enough to purchase an adapter for an induction cooker and forget about the problem of incompatibility. The principle of operation of the adapter to the induction hob Essentially, an induction adapter is a disc, several millimeters thick, made up of ferromagnetic steel discs. Thus, this stand on an induction hob will replace the magnetic bottom, which is equipped with a special cookware. The adapter allows the use of ceramic, copper, aluminum and glass cookware on induction hobs. The energy from the induction coil of the hob is transferred by the induced eddy currents directly to the adapter. The metal disc of the adapter heats up and actually turns into an analogue of an electric stove burner and evenly heats the dishes. How to use the induction hob adapter The operation of such an overlay on an induction cooker has its own characteristics, which are worth remembering: The adapter continues to keep warm for another 10 minutes after turning off the stove; Do not leave the cookware adapter on the induction hob if there is no cookware on it; Do not use the adapter with pans with an uneven bottom; It is not recommended to set the maximum hob temperature if an adapter is used on the hob.

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