8 литров Литой Казан для плова с декоративным внешним покрытием.


 The owner of the ”Kalyna” store  Tatiana  Jmailova is the official distributor of the famous ”Kukmara” Plant for the territory of Canada, Since 2004.

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Cauldron with the external decorative coating will decorate your kitchen and give a good mood to the hostess.                                                                                           How to process a new cauldron:
Before you start using the Kazan for making pilaf, it needs to be processed with oil.  We do only once. Wash and dry the cauldron, Pour a little of any liquid oil into the cauldron so that it covers the bottom inside of the cauldron.
Turn on the stove, how it smelled of dried butter, then pour out the oil and you can cook

     The decorative exterior coating “Greblon Decor D1” (Germany) – resistant to water, oils, detergents, and abrasives. The coating applied to the cast housing creates a wear-resistant surface with excellent resistance to high temperatures.

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