Soap of 72% Animal Fat “Xozaystvennoe” Мыло хозяйственное, laundry soap brand, Antibacterial for washing hair and body.


Supporters of clean technologies use laundry soap for washing, washing dishes and heads (rinsing with an acidic solution)

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Laundry soap – a harmless and environmentally friendly product. It consists of sodium salts of fatty acids without the addition of dyes, preservatives, fragrances. This is a bar of yellow-brown color. Alkaline balance (ph11-12) gives the soap an excellent washing ability. It removes strong and persistent pollution that is beyond the power of other products. A high content of fatty acids (72%) creates abundant foam, so you can successfully wash both in hot and in cold water.The laundry soap has an important hypoallergenic property. They are recommended to wash baby clothes, diapers for newborns. Then the baby will not have any allergies and irritations. Laundry soap is great for washing dishes. Laundry soap deserves pride of place on the shelf in the bathroom and in the kitchen; it will help you out in the country. My head soap, you can achieve that the hair becomes thick and healthy (dandruff disappears, and brittle hair). It is true that in order for the scalp not to be overdried after such a wash, you still need to rinse your head with an acid solution based on vinegar or lemon juice.  Soap is advised to wash – at least 2 times a week – so that the skin always looks young. After washing it is necessary to lubricate the skin with an ordinary baby cream. And the effect of such washings, as they say those who have tried, is better than the use of expensive professional cosmetics.

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