Sauna Hat 100% wool felt “Panama” for men and women, one size, Pattern in Assortment. brand”Borskaya factory”


A sauna cap will protect against heat stroke in the steam room and protect your hair from hot air, which makes it brittle and split. Wear a cap before the steam room, this way you will maintain a stable head temperature, and this will make it possible to stay in the bath longer and with pleasure. Choose products made from wool or felt: they practically do not heat up and have a long service life. Wash the cap only by hand at a water temperature of 30 °C. Dry flat.

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Another purpose of the bathing cap is to maintain healthy hair. The microclimate of the steam room drains the hair, which is especially noticeable with its long lengths. Collected under the hat, the hair is protected from the harmful effects. And in order not only to prevent the harmful effects of heat on the hair but also to strengthen them, you can first apply restorative or firming agents to the hair, which acts under the bathing hat much more effectively.

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