Therapeutic pain Relive plaster “Silk Heels”


Ingredients: extracts of aloe vera, calendula, thuja (aloe vera, calendula, thuja extracts), salicylic acid, phenol, polyvinyl alkyl, ether adhesive.

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Useful properties of the patch components: aloe vera has moisturizing and softening the skin; calendula has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and wound healing effects, stimulates cell regeneration; thuja refreshes and tones the skin, relieves itching, swelling, helps get rid of warts and calluses; salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action; phenol is used to remove old corns, warts, skin spots, and thorns. The patch is not a drug. Possible individual intolerance to the components. Application: before using the product, wash the problem area with hot water, steam the skin, wipe it dry and apply the patch with a tablet to the corn for 24 hours. If the skin in this place has softened and turned white, remove the whitened part of the callus with a pumice stone. If the corn is partially left, apply another patch. Continue applying the patches until you get the desired result.


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