The nephritic (greenstone, jade) massager.


The nephritic massager improves the complexion relieves puffiness, smooths wrinkles treats acne.                                                                                                                    The size: 2 см × 3.7 см × 9 см

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The effect of jade on the skin of the face It should be noted that all kinds of jade products are not only successful for elderly people who want to improve their health. Interest in the properties of this stone, and quite young women, who care about self-care issues, show interest. And not for nothing – nephrite not only has medicinal properties, but also helps to improve the appearance. For cosmetic purposes the face rolls made of jade are most often used. In fact, they are roller ordinary massagers, and the principle of their action is exactly the same as with other devices of this type. However, such a tool does not work due to its embossed surface or used cosmetic products, namely due to the amazing properties of the stone. Practice has shown that the jade massager improves the complexion with regular use, eliminates swelling, smooths wrinkles, and cures acne. In addition, massage procedures using this stone have not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic effect – after the course of massage there are a number of changes:
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