Tandoor Samrat Esaul (Тандыр Есаул,Тонир,Тундыр,Тонэ,Тандур).

 Not for online sale. Tasty and healthy food helps a person to always be in good shape, maintain vital potential and be less stressed. Life potential and less stress.                        

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Tandoor Samrat Esaul.
Weight (kg) 82, Diameter (cm) 51, Included: 8 skewers, poker, scoop, grate,skewer holder.

Wall thickness (cm) 5,
Height (cm) 89, Height without cover (cm) 61, Throat diameter (cm) 25.

Today, in ceramic tandoor, like thousands of years ago, almost everyone cooks: they bake pita bread or any other flat cakes, smoke and fry meat or fish, cook pilaf, various broths and a huge number of dishes that are famous for Eastern and Asian cuisines.
Since ancient times, bread in Uzbekistan has been considered a blessing of God and was especially revered. Bread baskets were made to be worn only on the head. This ancient and sacred custom is alive in the Uzbek land and today, as well as a respectful attitude towards bread.
Traditionally, the cakes are not cut with a knife but broken by hand. Moreover, putting broken pieces of cake “face” down is strictly forbidden by table etiquette: this is considered to be disrespectful towards bread.

Despite the venerable age, the ancient tandoor is not going to retire. His story is not over. On the contrary, in the modern world, he finds a second youth, rapidly expanding the boundaries of his popularity.