size:XL-XXL(58-Rus). Women’s Dressing Gown with a zipper, Knitted Home Wear of 100% cotton. 25338


Breast size: 120cm. Hip size: 124cm. At the moment, every housewife can buy a women’s dressing gown with a zipper made of cotton fabric.                      

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Dressing gown for women homemade from a cooler with a floral print. Dressing gown of a semi-fitted silhouette with detachable barrels-reliefs coming out of the armhole, with inner pockets, with a central fastener with a braid-zipper. Round neckline. Back with half-belts to enhance the fit at the waist, short sleeves. At the bottom of the dressing gown in the side seams there are slits of a curly shape. The half-belts, the neckline, the reliefs and them of the dressing gown are finished with an inlay from a single-color cooler to match the print of the main fabric.

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