size:12-13. Therapeutic Camel wool warming hoops, socks with compression effect. Получулки согревающие из верблюжьей шерсти с компрессионным эффектом….


Healing properties:
massage of acupuncture points of the foot;
relieve fatigue and pain in the legs;
improve blood circulation;
prevention of colds and fungal diseases of the feet;
prevention of arthritis;
promote healing of wounds, ulcers, and cracked feet;
soft compression effect.

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High knee-highs (half-sleeves) made of camel hair – up to the knee. They are made of soft camel down using Lycra. Socks provide a warming and soft compression effect when worn, which leads to the normalization of the functioning of the skin and venous blood flow.
The Doctor’s half-sleeves made of camel wool have no analogs in the knitwear market in Russia and the CIS. Camel wool has an excellent warming effect, due to which blood vessels expand, blood microcirculation increases, metabolism is activated, and recovery processes are improved.

Получулки согревающие из верблюжьей шерсти с компрессионным эффектом

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