Charcoal outdoor BBQ stand, Thickness of metal 1,5mm, Dimensions of the box 60*35*12 cm.


Many positive reviews about  Outdoor cooking BBQ stand. 

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The Mangal  is very convenient for a hike, in the country, to camping site, in the backyard.The legs of the  BBQ stand are folded under it and therefore easy to assemble and transport. The Mangal  is suitable for 7-10 skewers, about 60cm long.

Thanks to the thick walls, which hold heat for a long time, you can cook different dishes. This BBQ  stand was made in Russia at the Kukmara plant  and designed by the owner of the Kalyna store Tatiana  Jmailova.   Mangal passed a successful test at the plant in Kukmara, Tatarstan and now among buyers in the store Kalyna, got a good rating.

Mangal – Мангал, made in Russia,   Thickness  of metal, 1,5mm.  Dimensions  60*35*12 cm.

Outdoor cooking  BBQ stand.

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