Massage Therapy Finger Ring. 3см.


The massage technique in Su-Jok is simple: a massage ring is put on a finger or toe and rolled over either the entire finger or part of it until slight hyperemia appears and a feeling of warmth in the massaged area.

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Su-Jok finger massage with a ring has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole: it enhances metabolic processes in obesity, normalizes appetite and sleep, relieves fatigue and stress, improves blood circulation, and raises vitality. Such a massage provides not only mechanical stimulation, but also the correction of the energy state. This is an excellent therapeutic and preventive method of massage, which can be used as an independent or in combination with other types of effects on the body. By moving the fingers of the hand supporting the massage ring along its circumference, you can adjust the degree of pressure and, consequently, the force of impact on different points of the massaged area. At the same time, the most  painful points of Su-Jok are massaged especially carefully. Massage springs for fingers, sujok ring, su-jok for children, Kuznetsov’s applicator, massager for children, health improvement, foot massage, Lyapko, massager, facial care, facial care, skin care, orthopedics, speech therapist for children, needle massager , massager for joints, massager for children, massager for children, massager for the elderly, massager for pensioners, finger rolling, finger gymnastics, a gift for grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, daughter, son, baby massager, massage for babies, massager for maternity hospital, massager for pregnant women, for nursing, gymnastics for children, gymnastics for joints.

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