Lagan Rishtan ceramics from Uzbekistan Hand made and hand-painted Diameter 42cm Риштанская Керамика Ляган 42 cm.


Such ceramics is bought as a gift to people who appreciate the beauty of oriental flavor and understand its philosophy. It is not just dishes, not only an exquisite decoration for the house, sometimes it is believed that the patterns on the dish, jug, Lagan or on another object become wards for the owner.

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Such a bowl is not just a dining attribute, it is a table decoration. Dishes with national painting will be an excellent gift for lovers of high-class dishes.
Rishtan is a city in the east of Uzbekistan, one of the oldest in the Fergana Valley. For a long time Rishtan is famous for its pottery making colored ceramics. Reddish clay for the product is mined in the city itself. Masters claim that their clay is of such high quality that it does not even need preprocessing. Complement the collection of kitchen accessories with spicy oriental notes.

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