Tea Glass for Glass Holder – Тонкий стакан для чая, для подстаканника, 250gr*


Glass smooth thin-walled glasses of excellent quality.

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Suitable for most cup holders, however, in the most common “Kolchugin” cup holders (those that are on Russian Railways trains), these glasses are quite loose and hang out a bit.
This does not bother many buyers, but for some, it is important that the glass in the cup holder is tight. Do not forget that when heated, the glass expands. If it bothers you, in such cases, you can consider crystal glasses.

HEAT RESISTANT? Please note – glasses are NOT heat-resistant! This does not mean that they can’t stand 100 degrees of boiling water, they can easily withstand 1000 degrees. But this means that glasses do not tolerate a sharp temperature drop. If you exclude a sharp temperature drop – the glasses will last a long time. How to do it? For example – pour hot water slowly by first placing a spoon in a glass, which manages to heat up and pick up excess heat from the water and the glass will not suffer.

Height: 10 cm. The diameter of the neck: 6.6 cm.
Bottom diameter: 6.1 cm. Volume: 250 gr
Manufacturer: NEMAN (Glass)
Material: Glass

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Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 20.0 cm