Faceted Tea Glass 250ml for Glass Holder – Граненый стакан для чая, для подстаканника. 250gr


    Faceted  Glasses of excellent quality.

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As for the usual faceted glass cup (without the upper smooth rim), it was known much earlier – even in the time of Peter the Great. It is testified that the faceted glass was given to the emperor as unbreakable tableware for drinking alcohol. The Tsar, who was fond of, as you know, shipbuilding, appreciated the gift, stating that such a glass would not fall to the floor while rolling on a ship, and if it fell, it would not break.

 In the “Kolchugin” гласс holders, handmade (those that are presented on the website) faceted glasses can be a little loose and stand at a small angle in the cup holder due to the narrowing of the faceted glass itself downward. No other glasses are produced now.

Height: 11 cm. The diameter of the neck: 7.5 cm.
Bottom Diameter: 5.5 cm
Volume: 250 gr Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Experienced Glass Factory

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Dimensions 15 × 12.0 × 12.0 cm