Crystal Faceted Nastalgic shot glass for vodka, Granenyi stakan, Хрустальный граненый Стакан 50гр.(H:7.5cm, D: 4,5cm) $10- Price for Each.*


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The classic form of faceted glass (Lauren), which in ancient times was produced at the Gusevsky Crystal Plant.
Now, these glasses are produced in other factories, but traditions and forms have not changed.
The glass has 8 wide sides and rather thick walls, all this makes it weighty and manly solid.
Wall thickness – 0.5 cm.
Material: colorless crystal (GOST 30407-96 24% PbO).
Material Crystal. The volume of 50 ml. Height 100 mm
 Lafitnik, 50 ml, if you buy set,  6 pieces in the box.
Classical crystal cut glass, the old name “Granenyi stakan” Produced in the old form.

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