Multifunctional BBQ grill, Mangal for Barbecue (Mангал “Наш стиль”), Height 73cm, Weight 25kg.Тhickness:2мм.


BBQ grill it is convenient to make kebabs and on the stove you can cook various dishes using a pan frying pan cauldron or boil tea. Fits perfectly in a country style plot.

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Description: On the Multifunctional grill “Our Style” you can cook both with the help of a stove and directly on a brazier. It is convenient to make kebabs on the brazier, and on the stove you can cook various dishes using a pan, frying pan, cauldron, or boil tea.

Fire safety of a brazier will not allow spreading fire to the surrounding nature since the brazier is made of steel, the height of the brazier from the ground is 60 cm, and the chimney with a spark Arrester will not allow small sparks to get to nearby objects and people. The brazier is also equipped with convenient handles that allow you to fold and unfold the heated plate and remove the chimney with mittens without burning your hands.
– mobility;
– compactness;
– multifunctionality (the ability to simultaneously fry shish kebab on about 10-12 skewers and cook pilau in a saucepan on the soup or in a cauldron);
– profitability (when cooking kebabs, a small amount of coal is required, because the optimum height of the brazier is 120mm, there are 20 side holes for blowing, three regulating blowers at the bottom of the barbecue, a chimney for additional traction);
– long service life (steel 2mm is slightly subjected to deformation when exposed to high temperatures);
– ease of use (optimum height 73cm is convenient for people, both with medium height and high, folding legs allow you to securely fix the brazier, both on the ground and on a hard surface (eg, concrete floor of the summerhouse), (width of a roaster 30.5 cm allows you to cook, both on skewers and on the grid (barbecue));
– the brazier is supplied with poker for hashing and movement of coals.
– folding (the elements are not completely separated, but folded);
– easy to install, has a simple and compact design, designed for outdoor outings;
– dimensions when folded 700x350x320mm;
– the size of the brazier without a stove 700x300mm, with a stove 450x300mm, the depth of the brazier 120mm;
– made of 2mm steel, with a reinforced top around the perimeter of the broiler with a square of 10 mm;
– legs folded on a hinge joint, made of 1.5mm Ø14mm pipe;
– it is equipped with a slab mounted on a hinge, with a removable pipe;
– weight – 25 kg;
– covered with heat-resistant paint.

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Weight 28.00 kg
Dimensions 78.0 × 40.0 × 38 cm