100% Cast Iron Asian Wok for pilaf (plov) 8L Brand name of Namangan from Uzbekistan.


Cast iron cauldron 8 liters – the choice of a person accustomed to prepare your favorite dishes regardless of the season.

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Cast Iron production from Uzbekistan BRAND  Name is Namangan
Weight (kg) 10,5,  Diameter (cm) 39-42, Height (cm) 18-20, Cauldron wall thickness (mm) 6.  Cauldron 10 liters – size suitable for cooking pilaf for 4 – 7 people. As a rule, it is cooked on the fire, but if you are going to cook at home on an electric stove, then pay attention to the option with a flat bottom. The special flat basis allows a cauldron to be steady on any surface.
We draw your attention that our cauldrons were made at one of the largest enterprises in the city of Namangan, they are distinguished by the quality and evenness of the casting.
Description of the cauldron:
The cauldron is perfect for cooking on an open fire, also has a flat bottom for cooking at home, on gas and electric stoves.
For cooking at home, low tide is made in the form of a circle on the bottom of the cauldron, with such a cauldron form it is more convenient to put it on the stove or on the table, while the classical hemisphere inside the cauldron is preserved in an even regular proportion.

The advantages of a cast-iron cauldron 10 liters from Uzbekistan:
• Smooth ebb
• Thick walls 6 mm.
• Convenient handles around the edges.
• The durability of cast-iron cookware, it is almost impossible to mechanically damage it.
• Cast iron as metal tends to heat up for a long time and cool for a long time, therefore, the cauldron heats up evenly and the burning of food in some areas is almost impossible
• Scientists have proven that food cooked in cast iron is enriched in human-assimilable iron, absolutely harmless
• Cast iron has a porous nature, over time, oil is absorbed into the pores of the cast iron, the fat and non-stick qualities of the cast iron improve. Ie the more cauldron to use, the better it becomes.
• Real Uzbek plov can be cooked only in this Uzbek cast-iron cauldron.

Terms of use of cast iron cookware:
•Attention! After the purchase, before the first use, the cast-iron cauldron must be calcined for 60 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees using sunflower oil, until the production oil is completely burned out. We also recommend using onions when roasting (removes the smell), and for the first time in a cauldron to cook potatoes in a rustic way.
• It is not recommended to store food in cast iron.
• After cooking, it is necessary to wash the cauldron with warm water without using detergent.
• Before putting the cauldron in storage, it is recommended to lubricate it with a thin layer of sunflower oil
• It is recommended to store the cauldron in a dry place.

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