40/5cm Frying pan with handles Dimensions (L x H x Bottom): 40x 5 x 33.5cm.brand Kukmara.


  The significant thickness of the walls and bottom eliminates the deformation of the pan body, guarantees its durability. Convenient for frying meat, baking, stewing vegetables

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How to process the cast aluminum alloy cookware for the first time:
Wash and dry the dishes. After pouring oil, vegetable or corn, preferably not olive oil, so that only covers the bottom. Then, with your hand or a brush, coat the cauldron with oil from the inside, put it on the stove (or on the fire) and turn on the stove. After 5-10 minutes, when you smell burning, turn off the stove, pour out the oil and you can cook. After cooking, wash and dry the dishes.
In the future, it is not advisable to scratch the inside with an iron brush. If food burns, pour water, set aside, then clean with a soft sponge.
People from Uzbekistan prepare a cauldron-like this: Pour oil, oil inside a cauldron, cut 2-3 onions and put on fire, like blackened onions, pour oil and cook food. It is not recommended to cook acidic food in a cauldron. The expiration date of the cauldron is not limited.
Our cauldrons are of very high quality. Kumara Plant, Tatarstan has a Gold Medal and First Place in Russia for product quality.
Good pilaf and good mood and all the best!

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