3L Enamelware Casserole “Mery”. Suitable for electric, ceramic, gas, induction cooktops


Russian quality. Food does not come into contact with metal, so cooked food will be not only tasty but also healthy.  Color White/White

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 Saucepan Flowers” is made of high-quality rolled steel and coated with glass-ceramic enamel. Inside and outside – a three-layer glossy enameled coating. The enamel coating, being a glass mass, does not cause allergies and reliably protects food from contact with metal. In addition, such a coating is durable, it is resistant to mechanical stress, does not scratch and does not “melt away”, and the steel base is practically not subject to mechanical deformation, due to which the service life is increased. The enameled lid is equipped with a convenient handle; the domed shape of the lid minimizes boiling during cooking. It fits snugly to the edge, preserving the aroma of dishes.  It can be washed in the dishwasher. The thickness of the metal — 0,8 mm.  Made in Russia.

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