(22L) Uchag (Ochag)Open Fire- for kazan 22L for making pilaf. Utschak, Очаг для казана, Open fire stove.D:52cm, H:41cm.Thickness: 2mm.


Uchag can function as a permanent inhabitant of the cottage or in the backyard, fishing. A wonderful gift for a friend, husband, and for yourself.

Kalyna store is the official distributor in Canada of cast thick-walled tableware of the Kukmara brand, Russia, which is currently one of the best manufacturers of cast thick-walled tableware made of food aluminum alloys.

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2мм wall thickness  Ochag, Uchag, is designed for safe and quick cooking in a cauldron, a camping boiler in nature since the kindling of fire occurs inside the area, and the heat from fire and coal envelops the entire cauldron or boiler to a greater extent. The product is a metal cylinder-body, the set of which includes removable legs, door, poker, and grate. Due to the optimal, the possibility of deformation of the product walls is excluded.

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