4 литра Казан для плова, Kazan for pilaf, Cauldron (Casserole) with lid. brand Kukmara.


Использование в духовом шкафу и на плите: ДА
Использование в посудомоечной машине: Нет
Плита: Газовая, Электрическая, Стеклокерамическая: ДА

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Cast Aluminum Kazan  4 Litres, 
Material:Cast Aluminum
Production: Russia.Due to the relatively thick walls (5-6 mm) can be used as a classic for pilaf cauldron.
Tips on caring for cast aluminum cookware:
At the bottom of the dry washed items to pour vegetable oil and add 1 spoon of salt. Turn on the stove. As the smell of burnt oil, carefully drain the oil, and you’re ready to cook.

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