7 L Camping kazan for pilav with lid and handle, Казан для плова. brand Kukmara*


As they say, the most difficult thing in cooking a delicious pilaf is to find a good kazan for him.

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Tips on caring for cast aluminum cookware:
Before you start using the kazan, it needs to be processed with oil. At the bottom of the dry washed  kazan to pour vegetable oil and add 1 spoon of salt. Turn on the stove. As the smell of burnt oil, carefully drain the oil, and you’re ready to cook We do only once. In the cooking process, if you scratched the cauldron, you can treat it again with oil and salt.     Due to the relatively thick walls (5-6 mm) can be used as a classic for pilaf cauldron.                                                         Diameter: 34 cm
Production: Russia

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