12 litres Кazan for pilaf with lid, Литой казан для плова.


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Cast Aluminum Kazan V: 12Litres.    Production: Russia

Due to the relatively thick walls (5-6 mm) can be used as a classic for pilaf cauldron.  The advantages of cast cookware:
– Thickened wall of the housing and the bottom exclude any type of deformation, overheating, falls, long-term use;
– Uniform heat distribution;
– Ergonomics-long heat retention dishes;
– Long service life;
– High strength glassware;
– Thick-walled cast cookware is suitable for roasting meat roasting turkey or chicken, steamed vegetables. The food in it “languishing”, not fried, giving the food a special flavor.

The plant’s products in the manufacturing process undergo strict quality control in accordance with the requirements of GOST 51162-98. Quality is checked at every stage of product development, starting with the input control of aluminum alloys in the plant laboratory (spectral analysis), and the quality control of the finished product.

Tips on caring for cast aluminum cookware:
At the bottom of the dry washed items to pour vegetable oil and add 1 spoon of salt. Turn on the stove. As the smell of burnt oil, carefully drain the oil, and you’re ready to cook. You do this only once.

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