Knife “Tourist”, handle-tree, steel 65×13 in a leather case. Brand name Kizlyar( Кизляр).Size: 7×4×30cm.


Knives of the famous Kizlyar plant are used for hunters, collectors, lovers of tourism

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The Kizlyar company was founded in 1999, at the moment the company already has high fame not only in the Russian market but also abroad. The company’s activity is the production of civil cold bladed weapons, household knives, and souvenir weapons.
All models of knives, daggers, and drafts are made by hand, using the traditions of Caucasian gunsmiths of past centuries.
The circle of users of Kizlyar knives is very wide, it includes hunters, fishers, tourists, military, special staff. units, collectors, housewives, etc. The demand for knives, both in Russia and abroad, is constantly growing.

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