11cm. Пиала для чая из Ташкента, Пахтагуль. Uzbek Bowl porcelain.*


Uzbek traditional Blue and White porcelain 

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Uzbek dishes have been known to the whole world for more than a thousand years. She was admired by tsarist people, she was served food for the sheikhs and noble persons. Formulas of paints and glazes are passed down from generation to generation. To this day, quality painted items continue to delight with perfection and fascinating beauty.
This item is suitable for daily and festive serving. Supplement the table with textiles and napkins in tone to get an elegant decoration with bright accents…….The national Uzbek painting “Pakhta” is reserved and noble. Ornate patterns are displayed with a fine brush, the background is filled with dark blue cobalt. The outline of the images is delineated with a gold border, giving the product shine and luxury. A thick glaze is applied in a thick layer, due to which the pattern flickers.

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