Women’s warming camel wool breeches


Состав: 80% верблюжья шерсть, 15% кашемир, 5% эластан.

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Elastic knitted camel wool breeches have unique preventive and massage properties. Camel hair gives the product a warming effect. Natural wool fibers allow the body to breathe, absorb excess moisture, and improve blood circulation. The breeches have a dense weave with medium pressure along the entire length, which gives a slim figure and improves the shape of the hips and buttocks.
Camel wool breeches are the best prevention of inflammatory processes in the pelvic area and lumbar spine and increase the therapeutic effect of any treatment method. When worn daily by women, it provides a lasting anti-cellulite effect.
The color of a camel’s coat varies from sandy to chocolate. No dyes are used in production. All color transitions are achieved only through the combination of natural colors of camel wool.

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