Waist 85 cm – 46 European size: Camel wool belt “Mongolia” (Mongolia Camel wool)


Woolen belt will be a nice gift for mom, grandmother or sister and will give warmth and comfort to its owner for a long time.

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Пояс из верблюжьей шерсти MONGOLIA на липучке | отзывы

Waist, cm:
85 cm – 46 european size:        90 cm – 48 european size:                                                  95 cm – 50 european size.        100 cm – 52 european  size:                                         105 cm – 54 european  size:    110 cm – 56 europe ansize.
115 cm – 58 european  size:      120 cm – 60 european size.

A beautiful warming belt made of pure natural camel wool is made in Mongolia. It is recommended to wear such a belt if there are back problems, sciatica, osteochondrosis, neuralgia or sprains. The belt consists of a linen of camel wool containing lanolin, which has a healing effect. The belt has a warming effect, because camel hair creates dry heat. The belt is very light in weight, it will not be visible under clothing, it is not electrified. The belt has a Velcro fastener, you can adjust the size of the belt if necessary.

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