Verkhovinka “Linden-raspberry” tea


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Verkhovinka “Linden-raspberry” tea is a very tasty and healthy drink with an absolutely natural composition. It has an anti-inflammatory and restorative effect on the body. All its components are of plant origin and collected in ecologically clean areas in the Carpathian Mountains. The basis of “Linden-Raspberry” Verkhovinka tea 20 bags are linden flowers. They are famous for their effectiveness in fighting colds and respiratory viral infections. Their antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects have been known to people for many centuries, but even today linden blossom does not lose its popularity. The tea also contains a whole range of forest berries and fruits, including raspberries, rose hips, blueberries and other healthy fruits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and perfectly stimulate the human immune system.
Directions for use: place the filter bag in a container, pour 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 4-7 minutes.

Ingredients: linden blossom, raspberry berries, hawthorn fruits, rose hips, black rowan fruits, red rowan fruits, forest apple fruits, hibiscus flowers.

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