Uzbek National knife Pchak Sharhon, bone handle (erma), guard with engraving in a leather case. Average size.


Узбекский нож большой Пчак Пичок с ручкой рога косули ручной работы.

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Included Case for a knife
Blade length (cm) 16-17. Total length (cm) 27-28.
The width of the blade at the base (cm) 4.5.
The thickness of the blade at the base (mm) 2,
Steel grade SHH 15 Steel hardness 40-45 HRC,
Handle Material – Horn Roe

The horn of roe is a traditional material for making handles of Uzbek pchaks. It has an attractive appearance, high resistance to external influences, and high wear resistance.
ShH15 – structural bearing steel. It is quite popular in the blade environment in Russia and the CIS. Holds the cutting edge for a long time, the approximate foreign analog is 52100.  Pchak (Pechak) is a national knife of the Uyghur people and inhabitants of Uzbekistan. Reliable and practical, it is perfect for domestic use.

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Dimensions 40.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm