“Watercolor” Dulevo porcelain tea set 20 pc, for 6 person, with dessert plates. Hand- painted.


A wonderful gift for yourself and your loved ones.Lovers of quality cookware will appreciate your gift.

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Dulevsky porcelain factory The largest enterprise for the production of dishes, porcelain and faience products was created in 1832

Dimensions / Capacity

Volume: Teapot – 30.43 fl. oz. (900 ml); Sugar Bowl – 20.29 fl. oz. (600 ml); Tea cup – 9.3 fl. oz. (275 ml); 6saucers – D 5.”(12,5cm); 6 dessert plates -D 6.9″ (17,5cm)

Set Contains

1tea pot, 6 tea cups, 6 saucers,   1 sugar bowl,6 dessert plates

Products specifications


Russian Dulevo  Porcelain Manufactory, since 1832 

Type of Porcelain

Hard-paste porcelain and trimmed with 24 carat gold accents

Dulevsky porcelain in  Kalyna Gift store .Direct deliveries from the factory

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 49.0 × 25.0 × 35.0 cm