Steel Enamel mug 1L “Strawberry”. Microwave is not a save. Suitable for electric, glass-ceramic, gas stoves. Induction and halogen cooktop.


Steel Enameled cookware for a healthy lifestyle. Enameled dishes do not contain chemicals, do not react with food. Useful for children and the elderly.

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Enamelled steel cookware is the safest cookware in the world for those who follow a healthy lifestyle. Soup, pasta, stew, and many other dishes can be cooked in enameled dishes. It is safe to store food in enamel dishes, enamel does not react with food, food retains its properties for a long time, does not deteriorate. Comfortable steel handles on both sides. Triple enamel coating does not rust, when used correctly, creates a long service life, suitable for all boards. Enameled dishes are easy to clean if food is burnt in the pan, pour water into the pan, set it aside, and after a few hours clean it with a soft sponge and baking soda. Can’t clean dishes
iron brush or abrasives.

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