Socks made from 100% of natural Goat Wool. Thick knitting, Different patterns. Available sizes: 7-10: 11-12, 13-14, 15


 Price for One pair.   Goat Wool socks are shown in Diabetes, Joint pain, Rheumatism, Arthritis pain, Insomnia.

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Goat down is useful not only for colds. It is proved that when you wear goods from goat’s down, the work of the system of blood circulation and microcirculation of blood improves, as well as muscle tension decreases. Kozy fluff, as already mentioned above, a wonderful helper for insomnia and nervous overload. A small child calms down much more quickly and falls asleep if it is wrapped in a shawl made of goat’s down.
Very useful down products for people suffering from radiculitis, osteochondrosis and rheumatism. Helps goat fluff and with increased pressure, with headache.
Goat’s down products are recommended as a therapeutic and preventive means for:
flu, cold, radiculitis;
pain of bones and spine, osteochondrosis;
inflammation of the muscles;
headaches, problems with blood pressure, allergies;
circulatory disorders.
Goat products are desirable for people:
which strongly sweat, since goat fluff easily passes air and the body breathes;
those who need the heating of individual parts of the body.
Products from down of goats:
allow the body to breathe;
neutralize poisonous substances that are released from the body together with sweat;
keep the body in dry heat;
has the property of self-cleaning and for a long time retains its purity.

Socks are made in hand, so the pattern and color can be changed

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Goat Wool socks

7-9, 10-12