size:5XL(62-64Rus). Women’s Warming shorts from 100% of Kazakhstan Camel wool.


 Ask the assistant about  your size. Ph:  (905) 482-3382 – store .    Очень теплые согревающие, лечебные  шорты 100% верблюжья шерсть, есть в наличии мужские и женские.

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Shorts made ​​of 100%  Kazakhstan camel wool have a massaging effect on the skin, together with a warming effect that causes blood to flow to the painful spot and end the pain spasm, and are used as part of general therapy to prevent or treat chronic and acute diseases of small pelvis organs and legs (arthritis, arthrosis, and muscle and tendon sprains), and end the pain syndrome.

 Products for health from Russia!

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