Size:L-XL-(50-52). Thick knitted Camel wool leggings for Man and Woman. 85% of Camel wool.


 Camel wool gently massage the skin, increasing its tone. Camel wool repels dust, which is very useful for asthma and for the prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases.

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Camel’s wool and health Even in ancient times, the curative qualities of camel hair were fairly well known, especially in the east. It was used to treat various diseases themselves, and, most notably, it helped. Camel wool is often used in the treatment of neuritis, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatic pain. It keeps heat well, and, as we know, heat treatment is the main component in the treatment of such diseases. In Mongolia, Кazakhstan these qualities of camel hair are also used in the treatment of fractures.

By the way, camel’s wool absolutely does not cause allergy, so it can be safely worn even by people prone to allergies. Wool absolutely does not irritate the skin, on the contrary, it soothes irritated skin. The wool very well passes the air, it does not sweat. All this together has a very beneficial effect on the skin. Since ancient times, the women of the East have wiped their hands with camel hair, giving the skin softness. This property of camel hair they noticed long ago, and all thanks to lanolin, which in large quantities is contained in the hairs of wool. As you know, it is widely used in cosmetology. Lanolin, absorbed into the skin, softens it, giving it softness and elasticity.

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