size:6. Therapeutic Warming Knee /Elbow Pads of Camel hair for Men and Women….


Good warming and relieves pain in the joints

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Knee /elbow pads. How to determine size, Just Measure by centimeter the joint below the knee Joint above the knee.
Sizes:————- Joint below the knee;———–Joint above the knee;
size-3;———— 29-32cm; —————————-34-38cm;
size-4;————-32-35cm; —————————-40-44cm;
size-5;————-35-38cm; —————————-46-50cm;
size-6;————-38-41cm; —————————-52-56cm;
The knee-stretch elbow warmer series “Winter-Summer” causes a subjective sensation of heat in the joint area, increases and regulates blood microcirculation; due to the presence of camel wool has a micromassage effect, relieves spasms and helps relieve pain in the knee or elbow joint. Contained in camel wool, lanolin promotes the penetration through the skin of biologically active substances useful to the body.

Double healing effect:
• Camel wool: The most favorable effect is achieved when the knee / elbow is worn inside the naked body.
• Cotton: in hotter weather conditions, when contact with the wool becomes problematic, you can turn the knee / elbow cotton inside to the body. The warming effect is preserved almost completely, but wearing becomes more comfortable.

Healing and preventive properties:
• Protection against hypothermia of the knee or elbow joint;
• Reliable fixation of the joint;
• prevention of rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis;
• used in cases of circulatory disorders in the joints;
• has a restoring effect in the postoperative period;
• prevention of injuries, bruises and sprains when doing sports, dancing;

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Camel wool knee pads

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