size:57-60. Russian Hat with Earflaps, Shapka Ushanka(Ушанка) made of 100% Sheep wool. Color Indigo.


In such a headdress you will be comfortable in any weather. A natural wool Hat  helps with many problems: Headaches, Migraines, Colds and Hypothermia. It has a massage and warming effect.

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Hats made of natural sheep wool have a wide range of advantages that have been known for a long time. Warm, soft fur base of the material will provide reliable protection from cold and wind. Moreover, wool is able to absorb moisture and does not interfere with air exchange. Wool is not electrified, it is a hygroscopic material, which means that the hair, even with prolonged wearing of the cap, remains clean and has a neat appearance. Sheep wool is the most popular, besides, hats made of this material can be worn for several seasons.

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