Size:62.Russian shapka ushanka Gray with emblem Cap with ear flaps artificial fur with a cockade.


Shapka ushanka Black color.If your Size 61 this refers to the head circumference 61 centimeters Winter hat made of soft, artificial fur.
The main winter headgear of the officers of the armed forces.

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How to determine the size of a man’s cap? The most accurate way to choose the most suitable thing is fitting, but it will not be superfluous to come to the store, having measured the necessary parameters beforehand. Thus, the definition of the size of the male headdress is based on the removal of one single measure – the length of the circumference of the head. For this, it is necessary to wrap a centimeter tape, not strongly pulling, through the protruding part of the nape, 1.5 cm above the ears, and connect on the forehead 2 cm above the eyebrows along the line where the edge of the product will pass. If the ribbon is not at hand, you can use another way: take a thick thread, just wrap it around your head, join, cut, and measure with a regular ruler.

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