Professional mixing bowl 3/4 qt 18/10 stainless steel


Легкая чаша из нержавеющей стали идеально подходит для повседневных задач. Плоское дно чаш обеспечивает устойчивость во время приготовления. Посуда из нержавеющей стали выглядит стильно и не боится окисления. Продукты, приготовленные в нем, долго сохраняют свои питательные свойства, витамины, натуральный аромат и вкус. Это один из самых гигиеничных и долговечных видов столовой посуды.

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Multifunctional bowl 3/4qt. made of stainless steel – an indispensable assistant for the housewife in the kitchen. The deep bowl is intended for preparing salads, sauces, kneading dough, whipping creams and omelettes, and is suitable for table setting. Can serve as a container for storing fruits, snacks, dried fruits. A metal bowl will make your kitchen more versatile and functional.

Easy to clean, resistant to scratches and deformation, durable. The material of the dishes does not absorb foreign odors, so you can store and marinate food in it.

The lightweight stainless steel bowl is ideal for everyday tasks. The flat bottom of the bowls ensures stability during cooking. Stainless steel cookware looks stylish and is not afraid of oxidation. Products cooked in it retain their nutritional properties, vitamins, natural aroma and taste for a long time. This is one of the most hygienic and durable types of tableware.


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