34cm. diameter Rishtan Lagan from Uzbekistan Handmade and Hand Painted. Узбекская посуда Лаган из Узбекистана.


Such Lagan is bought as a gift to people who appreciate the beauty of oriental flavor and understand its philosophy. It is not just dishes, not only an exquisite decoration for the house, sometimes it is believed that the patterns on the dish, jug, Lagan or on another object become wards for the owner.

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Lagan is Blue pottery of Rishtan.
Rishtan is a city between Kokand and Fergana. The most famous ceramic craft in the Fergana Valley, which is many hundreds of years old. (There are other ceramics centers in the Valley besides Rishtan). There was a time when only the potters made up the entire male population of Rishtan. The clay there is wonderful, layering throughout the area. In it practically do not add impurities. Each Rishtan master has his own secrets for the composition of glazes and paints. But the color range is basically not changed – all shades of blue and turquoise. The pattern is very small, delicate ornament from a huge number of elements.

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