Pillow filled with buckwheat hulls, size: 70*50 cm+Extra pillowcase 100% of cotton.


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  Buckwheat hulls  pillows recommended for the better rest and relaxation.

The way to better sleep!

1.   Our pillows have a unique orthopedic granular structure and relieves neck pain.

2.   We guarantee our customers a better sleep.

3.   Our pillows are filled with 100% natural grain shells, which provides uniform neck support.

4.   The type of grain shells we use is called buckwheat hulls. We use high quality organic buckwheat hulls. These buckwheat hulls are clean and dust free.

5.   Extra pillowcase 100% of cotton

Made in Russia 

The quality has been certified

It is important that you sleep in the right posture for improved blood circulation. The As Seen on TV Buckwheat Hull Pillow is the ideal choice for better sleep, as it offers more benefits compared to traditional foam and feather pillows. This pillow stuffed with hulls conforms to the contours of your head and neck to provide support without stress. Unlike foam, polyfill, and other feather pillows, the buckwheat hulls in 20’*16″(50*40cm) and 28″*20″ (70*50cm) size bed pillow allow the free flow of cool air to your head and neck so you can enjoy restful and relaxing sleep. This pillow has a covering made from a blend of 100% cotton and has been stuffed with 100% premium buckwheat hulls. You can experience relief from muscle tension, neck pain, headaches, and other sleep-related problems with this organic hull pillow.Retail packaging included.

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