NEW Arrival! ‘Masquerade”Russian shawl 100% of wool with silk fringe, size 125 by 125cm.


In folk art, a triangular bouquet, flowering bush or tree has traditionally been considered the World Tree, which connected earth and sky.


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Bouquet. world tree
The main element of Pavlovsky Posad motifs is flower bouquets of the correct form. Previously, each of them consisted of three roses, then the number of flowers in the bouquet increased. However, three roses are sure to stand out, forming an equilateral triangle.
Flowers on Pavlovo Posad shawls are depicted in full size, and sometimes even larger than living originals.                                                                                                       
Unique in their beauty and unique drawings shawl from Pavlovo posad manufactory  will give you a special charm and good mood!   Design 982-14 by  Elena Jukova.    

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